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Look beyond the staging. Many houses can be staged to make the view more aesthetically pleasing for the buyer.  A staged home only offers a perspective for potential use, look for functionality of staging if you really like how something is arranged. 

Think long-term, what is your ultimate goal with buying this house?  Are you planning on renting it out later? If so, then you will want to ask for the Home Owners Association contract to see if it is even permitted to be rented.  Also, know your neighborhood demographics and school district.  If you are a couple buying a house and planning to have kids in a few years, living in an area consisting of mostly single neighbors might not be what you want.  Location is everything when it comes to being in a good school district, make sure the potential home falls in a district that meets your standards.

Don't buy a house because of the view, unless the house comes with the land that enables the view.  Otherwise, that view could be obstructed or taken away completely by a new property development; be certain it is the house that has really won you over.

Make sure you can afford ALL of the expenses.  When first buying a house it's hard to realize all of the expenses that can come in the future.  Make sure to check what the average costs are for utility bills when viewing a house (good realtors will either have or get this information for you).  It is important to understand your expenses now and in the future.  Knowing how much you are currently paying out in bills on a monthly basis is key in determining whether or not the house will be affordable on your income.  Also, look out for other additional fees that come when purchasing a home, such as a municipal fee when living within city limits.

Create a check list.  Make a list of everything you are looking for in a house.  Take a copy with you when viewing a potential house and check off your must-haves vs. the nice-to-haves.  This will help when the time comes to narrow down choices and determining what you can and cannot live without.         

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