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Huntington, WV, is a unique place, and if you are considering moving here, then let this article help you with your decision.  Over the years this town has evolved into a little city; what we have to offer is very exceptional and deserving of its own scale.  Huntington is a community of people who are bonded and strong, and proud supporters of our hometown college, Marshall University. 

If you are not familiar with MU, the movie, We Are Marshall, can give you a pretty good history lesson on the hardships and rebuilding the school and community went through after a fatal plane crash in 1970.  The crash took the lives of the entire football team and staff as well as some fans while returning from playing the East Carolina Pirates in Greenville, SC- historically known as the worst tragedy in college athletics.  The movie was filmed in 2006 by Warner Bros., and starred Matthew McConaughey.

Needless to say, the film crew and cast fell in love with Huntington, and generally those who visit do.  I guess you could say our little city has a few bragging rights when it comes to popularity, but that's not what really matters.  The people are what make this town a great place to live- we are friendly people with an added drop of southern charm.  In our community, people get to know one another and remember names.  And over the past five to 10 years, Huntington has attracted many international residents, creating a very eclectic community- making bigger and better things happen.  Small businesses are thriving in our downtown area and more commercial businesses continue to seek out Huntington as a potential place for business.  Amazon and Direct TV are just a couple to mention who have already made Huntington their home for customer service centers.

This city isn't just a great place for commerce, but also a great place to raise a family.  Your friends are your family here; a community that looks out for one another and cares.  The education programs offered through MU alone allows a young adult to achieve a master's degree or specialize in Medicine, Physical Therapy, Engineering, Forensics and more.  And last, but certainly not least, the scenery.  The beauty that surrounds Huntington in all of its four seasons is unbeatable, it is simply breathtaking at times.  Therefore, I end saying that for the many who reside here in Huntington, WV, it is "Almost Heaven" for us, we hope you can come and experience it too.  

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